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The Casali Costadoro apartments are situated in the area that can be described as the true heart of Italy.
This is the cultural and historical cradle of our country.
One can find beautiful ancient cities and villages of great historical and cultural importance nearby – where
famous figures once trod and legends made: Saint Francis of Assisi, the mythical Sibilla, Guerrin Meschino,
the artist Raffaello, the medieval court of Urbino, the poet Leopardi and his village Recanati, Cecco of Ascoli
(Ascoli’s middle-aged wizard), the  “Brigantaggio” brigandage against the newly born reign.
Whatever direction one takes one can discover medieval towns: Acquaviva (5 km), Monteprandone (6 km),
Ripatransone (8 km), Offida (11 km), Castignano (18 km) and Montalto Marche (25 km).   These towns
played an important historic role in the past and are rich in tradition. During the summer each one of these
towns holds medieval re-enactments and evenings dedicated to music (eg. jazz and opera).
Ascoli (30 km), Norcia (80 km), Spoleto (120 km), Perugia (170 km), Urbino (190) are renowned for their
history and monuments.