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Between the Apennine mountain range on one side and the Adriatic coast on the other, interspersed with
valleys and rolling hills, there are numerous rivers and rivers that run parallel to each other, sources of
waterfalls and rapids. The region is characterized by deep ravines and spectacular gorges, such as Furlo,
Burano, La Rossa and that of Frasassi, Pioraco, Fiastron and Infernaccio, just to name a few. The water,
sometimes pure and limpid, sometimes muddy, sparkling and rich in minerals, here is the real protagonist
and gives life to a system of thermal springs throughout the territory. From north to south, there is a wide
choice of spas to choose from, and everyone uses water for its healing and beneficial properties, for
bottling drinking water for special treatments and beauty treatments. Spa activities are also defined as
“water civilization” and today they are an important factor in modern medicine as a fundamental element in the health sector in terms of prevention. Those who go to the baths look for complete control, want to
get rid of toxins, fight stress and take care of their appearance. This is why spas today, while offering classic
treatment therapies, are becoming real spas with solariums, gyms, whirlpools, beauty treatments and
swimming pools and can turn your holidays into an opportunity for get back in shape and regain your body.
The secret of the success of the ten spas in the Marche region is that they focus on how to bring the client
back to positive and healthy habits. A trip to the Marche region is a journey into wellness, and here it
becomes synonymous with well-being, healthy lifestyles and attention to quality of life.