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Acqualagna – Parco Avventura del Furlo

In the Natural Reserve of the Gola del Furlo, a few
steps from the city, in a unique and uncontaminated
environment, the new attraction of the Adventure
Park of Furlo is born, which is aimed at those who
want to experience the thrill of a climb among the
trees. The Adventure Park is located right in the
reserve area of ​​the reserve and is the ideal place to
experience new ways of being in contact with nature.
The Adventure Park of the Furlo is structured in 3
acrobatic routes, one of which for practice and
briefing and 2 suspended paths designed for users
from 6 years (minimum 110 cm in height) but can also
be used by adults for a total of 21 total path
elements. The GREEN 1 and 2 paths are designed with
furniture that is easy to perform and positioned at
heights no higher than 3.00 m, being the first route
that users face. Also ideal for groups of school groups,
summer camps, scouts and much more. The two
paths differ in height and difficulty (Green 1: very
easy and no more than 2.50 m in height; Green 2: easy and no more than 3.00 m in height). In the blue
path, the commitment for users increases and becomes easy medium with the installation of more complex furnishings and with a gain of altitude from the ground (about 4.00 m). This is also equipped with some cableway cable lines and the route can be ideal to accommodate business groups and associations.
The duration of the routes varies from 30 to 60 minutes. The supervision of the qualified instructors is
guaranteed during the whole adventure park experience. A sportswear with trekking shoes is required.

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Adress: Parco della Golena – Furlo
City: Acqualagna
Phone: 0721.700226 cell. 331.1493515


Apiro – Parco acquatico Eldorado

Near the Park of the Sibillini Mountains, at the
slopes of Mount S. Vicino, lost among the
unspoiled nature, is the Eldorado Water Park
with its 30,000 square meters of extension.
At the Eldorado Park you can challenge the
power of the water with the Big Twins, the
longest slides in Europe with motorized lifts,
play in a fantastic lagoon, dive into large pools
and huge pools and finally enjoy total
relaxation in a fabulous setting with a 24-
seater Jacuzzi with heated water, an 8-meter-
high water jet and multicolored lights.
The Eldorado Park also presents new areas of relaxation and greenery, an area reserved for children's play, new infrastructure, new bar area, and finally events of national importance such as the TKD Tournament, and the now historic and consolidated rallies: motorcycles, Ferrari , Fiat 500 and the Vintage Cars.

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Adress: Contrada Piani di Sopra (Parco acquatico Eldorado)
City: Apiro
Phone: 0733.611432
Fax: 0733.611432
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Ascoli Natural Bike Park

Ascoli Natural Bike Park is a project curated by the Ascoli
Bike Team with the patronage of the City of Ascoli
Piceno, to make known to all fans this corner of the
Ascoli territory, located near the Colle San Marco, as an
ideal place for mountain biking . The hilly and partly
mountainous conformation is particularly suitable for the
various disciplines of mountain biking, from cross-
country to enduro, and also a light freeride.
The project has been designed so that every visitor to
the Park can move freely on its paths, even outside the
proposed itineraries, according to the weather, its
preparation and its own way of enjoying mountain biking
and mountain.
The presence of Guide Picene Mountain bike allows
visitors to fully appreciate the beauty of the Ascoli Natural Bike Park, thanks to their experience and
knowledge of the territory. The paths are of varying degrees of difficulty, from the easiest to the most

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To contact the Picene Mountain Bike Guides write
Adress: Colle San Marco
City: Ascoli Piceno
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Carpegna – Carpegna Park

Carpegna Park, the first Forest Acrobatic Park of the
Province of Pesaro-Urbino, is immersed in the Sasso
Simone and Simoncello Natural Park and in the heart
of the Montefeltro Mountain Union. Here, at the
Passo Passo di Carpegna, fun is guaranteed with the
12 routes through the largest cerreta trees in Europe,
and from the various difficulty levels usable by
younger children as well as by the most intrepid
It aims to promote a recreational-training activity in
close contact with nature and without any
environmental or acoustic impact and is suitable for any user: sport lovers, nature lovers, tourists looking
for exciting alternatives to the classic cultural tour or schoolchildren who want to experiment with
environmental education projects in an outdoor laboratory.
A wonderful forest is the evocative setting of the adventure park that will leave you breathless: for beauty
no less than for the emotions!

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Adress: Loc. Passo Cantoniera 61021 (Carpegna Park Parco Avventura)
City: Carpegna
Phone: 339 2029200
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Falconara Marittima – Parco Zoo Falconara

The Falconara Zoo Park covers about 60,000 square meters on a
hill of Falconara Marittima. Born in 1968, by private initiative, as
an amusement park for children with games, swings, slides and
small houses of fairy tales, and hosting only a few animals,
especially domestic, after a few years, began to evolve as a Zoo
enriching new species animals: birds and in particular felines.
Over the years the technical staff has also been expanded, with
the introduction of Biologists who take care of the educational
and educational aspects of the Park and other professional
figures, such as the veterinarian and the zoologist. There are
numerous school groups who go to the Zoo on a school trip and
take advantage of the guided tour and educational workshops created according to the age groups of children and
teenagers. During these courses the students learn basic notions of animal biology, are sensitized to respect for nature and informed about the conservation problems of the species and the role of a modern Zoo.
Since the 1980s, the Falconara Zoo Park is a member of the U.I.Z.A. (Italian Union of Zoos and Aquariums, born in
1971). This association groups Italian zoos and aquariums that respond to a specific code of ethics and keeps its
members constantly informed about the rules and laws to be respected in this area and shows the right line of
behavior to keep according to current Zoo concepts and modern standards Europeans. It should be noted that the
Falconara Zoo Park hosts very important species, threatened with extinction and included in the C.I.T.E.S. (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, launched in 1973 in Washington).

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Adress: Via Castello di Barcaglione 10
City: Falconara Marittima
Phone: 071.911312
Fax: 071.912463

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Fiastra – Centro Avventura nel Parco

Immersed in the fantastic natural setting of the
Sibillini Mountains National Park, near the tributary of
the Fiastrone river that enters the Lake of Fiastra,
stands the Adventure Park on the Lake, with its paths
among the trees made with ropes and ropes, the
nature tours by boat, archery and telefericache
crossing the Fiastra lagoons from one shore to the other (activities suitable for everyone, including children). It is also possible to make two-seater paragliding flights. The Nature Trail, the promenade that runs along the right side of the lake from San Lorenzo al Lago, lasts about two hours, is passable both on foot and by bicycle and for a stretch of 900 meters is also suitable for the disabled.

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July and August open every day, from September to early October by reservation.
The Adventure Park on the Lake is managed by the Associazione Sportiva Gaia (tel.
Indirizzo: San Lorenzo al Lago loc. Boccioni
Comune: Fiastra
Telefono: 338 7678308
Sito web: aperta/divertimento-fiastra- sibillini/parco-avventura#dove


Fiuminata – Parco Avventura – Country Park

In Località Quadrareggiana there is the Country
Park with accommodation for horses and riding
stables. The apache horse club is also available.
The adventure park is open on Saturdays,
Sundays and holidays. In August it is open
every day.

Adress: località Quadreggiana
City: Fiuminata
Phone: 0737 614051; cel 3492836394; cel 334 8076951

Sito web: Fiuminata-538360702984150/



Frontone – Kinderland Adventure Park- in estate

Inside the Monte Catria area, at 1400 meters above
sea level, in a quiet area adjacent to the Rifugio
Cotaline, the Kinderland Adventure Park was
opened in 2015, a thematic playground where
children aged 1 and up can practice different
activities fun and motor sports in harmony with the
mountains: a real oasis for families. The area is
completely fenced and secured, so as to allow
children to have fun without any danger. Inside the
park you can find: three adventure trails with
harnesses, a tubyng track with donuts (unique in central Italy), an elastic net, an inflatable castle, aclimbing wall, two tree houses, an adventure trail baby and a Tyrolean course over 60 meters long for an exciting flight suspended at 6 meters high.

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The playground, open from April to October, can be reached both by cableway (OM06 from Frontone
Caprile) and by the provincial roads that go up from Cantiano, Frontone and Cagli.
The Monte Catria Cotaline 1400 Hiking Hut also offers bar and restaurant service.
Adress: Loc.Cotaline – Monte Catria
City: Frontone
Phone: 329.8624554 – 328.3339285

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Genga – Frasassi Avventura

In Genga, loc. San Vittore, in the green area in front
of the former mill near the Romanesque abbey of
San Vittore alle Chiuse, rises "Frasassi Avventura", a
park suitable for all ages, including children. Paths
on the trees with adrenaline cables suspended over
the Sentino river, shaky Tibetan bridges and
vertiginous pulleys await lovers of adventure and
fun. Excursions with Naturalistic Guides, educational activities for children, creative and naturalistic workshops with educators and environmental animators, personalized proposals on request for groups and families (birthday parties, stag and hen parties, team building, parties with friends etc.) are further complementary services offered. The Adventure Park enriches the tourist offer of the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Regional Nature Park and the suggestive Grotte di Frasassi, with its invaluable naturalistic value.

Visit the village of Genga
Visit the Caves of the Frasassi Caves and the Regional Park Gola della Rossa and Frasassi
The park will be open throughout the summer and on the autumn weekends with hours: 10 am-7pm.
Adress: località San Vittore
City: Genga
Phone: +39 392.4385403 – +39 0732.972065
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